This page is a directory of education changemakers whose ideas on provision for primary-age children [5- to 11-year-olds] resonate with the life-based learning approach.

The people listed below can be contacted to discuss their interest in education as specified in their description.

Comment from all stages of education is welcome, especially where such comment impacts on the life-based learning approach, or where life-based learning impacts on other stages of learning.

Pip Marples and Peter Cansell – UK

Oxford School of Thought is a primary education think tank dedicated to generating and supporting new ideas and research in education.
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Melanie Harwood – UK – Global reach

Melanie, as co-founder & CEO of eduCCate Global, in partnership with the UN, provides climate-change teacher certification globally. Resonates with LBL’s Sustainability Theme.
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Kim Harvey – UK

‘Inspiring Science’ — specialist in primary school science delivering STEM learning. Resonates with LBL’s Mind Theme – approach to learning. LinkedIn

David Howard – UK

David brings an ethical perspective to education and engages in thinking about the future of education. Resonates with the LBL aim to facilitate learning relevant to life and living.

Rosa Legeno-Bell – UK

Rosa supports schools in diversifying historical narratives and decolonising curricula. Resonates with LBL’s Community Theme through which history is taught. Website LinkedIn

Ryan Hudson – UK

Director at Elite Kids Coaching Ltd. Transforming physical education in schools; currently supporting 12,000 children every week in schools. Resonates with LBL’s Body Theme.

Loni Bergqvist – Denmark

Transforming schools with projects, passion and purpose. Founder and Partner at Imagine If. Resonates with LBL’s Mind Theme and learning the way the brain learns.
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Steve Carr – UK

Steve offers unique insights from relationship psychology that help teachers approach classroom management with clarity and confidence. Resonates with LBL’s Relationships Theme.
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Cherelle Bird – UK

Through her business Cherelle has a deep knowledge of community involvement through brokering workshop provision to schools. Resonates with LBL’s Community Theme.
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Trevor Soponis, PhD – America

Founder and chief learning officer of The Sustainable Learning Projects: “Using an interdisciplinary, project-based approach, we create learning centred experiences.” Resonates with LBL’s Mind Theme. Website LinkedIn

Lydia E’Silva – Portugal

Education consultant: “The acceleration of change brought on by a global pandemic has made the necessary reform of education at all levels urgent and essential.”

Maryjane Ikeakaonwu – Nigeria

A trained zoologist, Maryjane encourages in herself and in her teaching of trainee teachers best innovative practice in children’s learning. Resonates with LBL’s Mind Theme.

Yvette Larsson – Sweden

Co-founder of Aha! Accelerating Education, IBPYP educator. Promotes neuroscientific project-based learning through fun, hands-on, interactive, ‘classroom without walls’ play. Resonates with LBL’s Mind Theme. LinkedIn

Rebecca Wren – UK

Rebecca is an expert in the use of technology for learning. She has a primary school background and is the head of education services for a company delivering 3D-visualisation technology to schools. Resonates with LBL’s Communication Theme.
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Carl Garner – UK

“As an educational psychologist, we need to revolutionise the way we educate our children. I say revolution; as a reform would just tinker with what we already have.” Resonates with LBL’s entire message to find a new way forward.
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Corrine Hope – UK

Corrine is the go to person for resources and advice on children’s musical development from 5 to 11 years of age. Co-founder of ‘The Musical Me’. Resonates with LBL’s Communication Theme.
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Angela Cousins – UK

The ‘Journey Alternative Provision’ provides extension online and centred based learning tailored to the child outside mainstream provision. Resonates with LBL’s Mind Theme.
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Julia Johnston – UK

“BEST teaches young people, 3 – 17 years, about their mental health and emotional wellbeing. Inspiring them to learn the life skills needed to thrive in today’s world, through sports games, art and drama. Resonates with LBL’s Emotions Theme
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Rachel Bee – UK

Rachel guides Parents & Children to co-create a deeper connection and co-exist in harmony. And guides teachers and also children to thrive in school. Resonates with LBL’s Relationships Theme
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Tantri Rosenat – Originally Jakarta

Tantri has a wealth of international experience in elementary education to share. Passionate about inquiry learning, children development, travel, and education for young learners.  Resonates with LBL’s entire message to find a new way forward.
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Rebecca Hart – UK

Rebecca makes learning immersive, fun, physical, creative and multi-sensory through dance – inspirational learning. Resonates with The Mind and Learning
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Feliciea Jibson – UK

Feliciea is an expert in brain development research and innovative education improving learning for children with learning difficulties: Resonates with The Mind and Learning
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