Dr Sarah Mundy

About Sarah

Dr Sarah Mundy is a consultant clinical psychologist and director at Amicus Psychology

She provides a portfolio of support working with children and families affected by trauma and/or abuse

  • Psychological assessment of children and parents
  • Family therapy using a variety of approaches
  • Consultation and supervision (group and individual) in relation to children and families’ psychological needs
  • Bespoke training provided to a range of audiences such as social workers, therapeutic practitioners and teachers. This includes keynote speaking at conferences and training to small groups over a number of days


Dr Mundy is an established author of ‘Parenting through Stories’ books –

Parenting Through Stories: Helping you and your child make sense of everyday challenges. Our Parenting Handbook explains how to support children through their early years with an attachment informed and storytelling approach. Our children’s stories, “Bartley’s Books”, help little ones make sense of the often confusing world around them in a fun and interactive way.

Dr Sarah Mundy


Links with LBL

Sarah is listed as a changemaker for the insight she brings to the LBL’s Emotions and Relationships themes with their focus on successive generations of children’s developing emotional and relationship skills of self worth, self confidence and emotional resilience the better to avoid trauma and abuse in the first place.

Her Parenting Through Stories explores family relationships through story form.

We blog regularly on the topic of mental health.

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