LBL Benefits

The LBL approach — with its nine life-learning themes — repurposes the traditional subject-based curriculum to provide children with the knowledge, knowhow and practices in the three areas to life and living. The LBL system benefits children of all ages from early childhood through to university education and beyond.

LBL provides a way for adults to assess just how much children are engaged in all areas of life.

All learning is organised into the three areas that make up a person’s life.

The three areas of life are:

  1. The person as an individual in their own right
  2. Other people in the individual’s life
  3. The physicality of the space occupied by the individual

Each area is divided into three themes

  • The ‘self’ area of life: the themes of The Body, The Emotions and The Mind
  • The ‘other people’ area of life: the themes of Communication, Relationships and Community
  • The environment: the themes of Plant Life, Animal Life and Physical World

Children will:

1 – For themselves:

  • grow up fitter and healthier
  • develop greater emotional strength and resilience
  • learn how to think clearly and learn effectively

2 – In their dealings with other people:

  • learn how to communicate clearly with others and in a variety of creative ways
  • learn how to form strong, stable and lasting relationships with family, friends and colleagues
  • be better prepared for the world of work and active community participation

3 – In response to the environment:

  • learn to value nature and the Earth’s plant life
  • learn to value and nurture animal life
  • learn about the importance of managing the Earth’s resources and living sustainably

Be reassured: all traditional subjects are taught through LBL’s nine learning themes to the improvement of children’s thinking, knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and perceptions of what their lives, their society and their environment are about.

Michael Mac

Whatever the learning system, whatever the age of the learner, or the country in which learning is taking place, LBL has the capacity to add value to the learning.

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