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About Paul

Paul connects to the Life Based Learning approach by his support and enhancement of the mental health of school children.

Paul has years of experience as a leader and practitioner in using drama as the basis of his social skills work with children and is open to offers from schools across the age range for his services.

He has an interest and experience in project and workshop delivery in the support and enhancement of the mental health of school children of all ages; promotes a new and effective way using drama and games in supporting students who find school difficult; and offers assistance in the emotional transition of students from primary to secondary school in partnership with pastoral and SEN provision.

Paul has worked with numerous client groups. From 2004 until 2014 he led the highly successful and influential Actability Inclusive Theatre Company of performers with disabilities which toured extensively and led workshops in Bulgaria with learning disability people.

Paul is the CEO of two organisations:
1. Speaking Trees Network is an educational environmental organisation which creates digitally based outdoor experiences for children and young people.
2. Dramaquarium is an initiative using drama to enable children to solve problems and find strategies using drama rehearsal techniques and exercises.

Both projects compliment each other.

Paul has a background in Theatre in Education, Social Care and post graduate qualification in Dramatherapy. He is based in Farnham Green, England.

Links to LBL’s Relationship Theme

Our Life-Based Learning interest in Paul’s work is his use of drama as the basis of his social skills work with children, at the heart of which is building relationship skills between children and between children and adults.

LBL recognises there is much to be done in main stream education to harness all the possibilities to nurture children’s body, mind and emotional development in the context of their interaction with others and living sustainably.

We blog regularly on the topic of Mental Health.


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