Dave Strudwick

Making dreams real

Dave connects to the Life Based Learning advocacy to empower children with project based real life learning for a sustainable world.

Dave is a creative leader who has founded two schools and lead others. He has worked in a wide range of contexts including schools, museums, with tech companies, start ups, and excluded children. .

His current project is REAL School Budapest, an English language, international primary and middle school for the curious, creative and courageous.

The school takes advantage of the best Budapest has to offer. With 1000 years of heritage, and nature and urban areas in perfect harmony, living and learning in Budapest is an experience not to be missed.

REAL School Budapest is a COBIS Patron’s Accredited Member school, having been quality-assured against a strict set of standards and recognised as offering a high-quality British education. The school is also fully licensed in Hungary as a grade 1-8 primary school on the Danube.


We empower kids to acquire skills that will be valuable in the future. Real life learning for a sustainable world. Project-based learning. Real life projects.

Dave Strudwick

Real-life learning” involves students in real-world activities to find their passions, develop their skills and to learn about our world and themselves. 

For a sustainable world” stands for our ultimate ambition of helping our learners build a healthy future for themselves, their communities and the planet. Read more about our perspective on sustainability.

By registering your email you can take a virtual tour, or watch the video tour of the build to get the feel that the whole building is a special learning space.

Links with LBL

Dave’s passion for real life education with emphasis on the environment resonates with the LBL approach to make life itself the primary purpose of learning a key feature. Children grow up better able to live in harmony with the planet appreciating the reality of the environment.

We blog regularly on the topics of Plants, Environment & Nature, Animal Life and Physical World & Sustainable Living.

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