The modern world presents us all with fundamental life-challenges — challenges for us as individuals, challenges for us as communities and as a society, and challenges for the future of the planet.

LBL provides an education that prepares children to face the challenges that we will all face in the coming years and decades.

The Challenges area of the site provides links to detailed, sobering information about the urgent problems we face as individuals, as people living together, and as humankind maintaining the planet upon which we all depend.

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Challenges we face as individuals

Body Neglect

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, lethargy and depression.

Emotional Fragility

Mental ill-health, anxiety and depression, and emotional disengagement.

Brain Disrespect

Lack of sleep, junk food, sedentary lifestyles, drugs, alcohol, stress, trauma and the ‘I’m alright’ brain.

Challenges we face as communities

Communication Breakdown

Speech delay, stunted vocabulary, reading poverty and blighted prospects.

Fractured Relationships

Child and domestic abuse, sexual violence, family breakdown and workplace stress.

Fragmented Communities

Racism, hate crimes, violence, segregation, loneliness and social isolation.

Challenges facing the planet

Plant Crisis

Habitat destruction and loss of plant life in Britain exemplify global problems.

Animals in Peril

Habitat destruction, hunting to extinction, a thriving illegal trade in threatened species, mass slaughter of wildlife.

An Ailing Planet

The planet faces an existential threat, the result in large part of human neglect, ignorance and wilful misuse of its resources.

These huge challenges are why we need to change the way learning for children aged 5 to 11 is organised. Urgent life issues cannot be tackled through the current subject-based approach to learning. Learning must be life-based to tackle life problems. What you intend is what you get.

Intention + Presence + Focus = Results

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