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Julia is the director and co-founder and BEST, which teaches young people, 3–17 years, about their mental health and emotional wellbeing, inspiring them to thrive in today’s world through sports and games, art and drama.

BEST teaches young people aged 3 to 17 about their mental health and emotional wellbeing, inspiring them to learn the life skills needed to thrive in today’s world. BEST focuses teaching around the development of the brain: how our thoughts create feelings that result in actions.

Whilst BEST Clubs and Holiday Programmes are based in West London, BEST Digital Workshops, Programmes, designed for PSHE Classroom Activities are available to purchase through our website http://www.best4learning.co.uk


“If we drip feed the skills children need to learn in early years, by the time they reach secondary school and beyond they will have a much better understanding of how to look after their mental health and strategies to guide them through anxiety and challenges that may seem over whelming. Everything needs to begin in primary [school].”

Julia Johnston

Links with LBL

Julia’s passion resonates with LBL’s Emotions Theme, the focus of which is emotional intelligence, emotional development and mental health.

Through the nine Life-Based Learning themes children learn all aspects central to their life and learning. Subject learning is secondary to the nine themes which are paramount as the intention and aim of the learning.

We blog regularly on the topic of Mental Health.

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