Neena Arakal Mathew

About Neena

Neena connects to the Life Based Learning approach by her imaginative engagement of children’s learning in fun and interactive ways.

Founder and principal at Mind and Me, an innovative learning centre.

“Mind and ME is exclusively for children from elementary classes.  A place where they can freely express through thought, word and action. A range of group games ,activities and exercises help them to develop love towards learning ….. where every child is confident, independent and responsible.

Stories, drama and music have super magical powers which work wonders on the overall development of a child. Values, emotions and empathy can never be taught. They can only be heard, seen spoken ,drawn, enacted or recited.”

Mind and Me

LBL connection

Neena’s imaginative engagement of children’s learning in fun and interactive ways resonates with LBL’s ‘Communication Theme’, one of the nine LBL themes designed as a radical alternative to current subject based approaches to learning with its plethora of addons.

Neena’s work is notable for the warmth she brings to her relationships with the children guided by her.

LBL blog links

The following blog discusses Neena’s work in the context of LBL thinking on the need for fresh approaches in the nurturing of children’s freedom of expression through writing.

We blog regularly on the topic of Communication, Literacy & Oracy.

Get in touch with Neena

Neena is available to share her knowledge and wisdom.

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