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About Paramita

Paramita connects to the Life Based Learning approach through her advocacy and promotion of empathy in young people as a key relationship skill for a better world.

Paramita is founder (2016) and director (CEO) at Virtual School Australia providing lifelong skills that instil autonomy in learners to self-regulate, problem-solve and collaborate in a changing world.

Her passions are empathy, education, lifelong learning, lifelong transformation and social entrepreneurship.

A key aspect of her educational provision is Virtual School Australia hosting the 2021 Global Empathy Conference.

As societies around the world continue to fracture along political and religious lines, slipping ‘into others’ shoes can help students bridge the divide. In the current time, there is an urgency to deliver this lifelong skill in our students’ education.  The concept of infusing the 21st Century Soft Based skill of Empathy into pedagogy is a  Social Justice imperative. This skill flows on into a student’s real life communication, in our business relations, our family lives, our friendships.

Paramita Roy

Links with LBL

LBL resonates with Paramita’s learning focus – catering for individual learning styles – on entrepreneurship, innovation and empathy as the key characteristics required of learners in today’s fast paced world of instant communication and rapid change.

The development of children’s ability to empathise with people of different culture and religious backgrounds is central in the Life-Based Learning Relationships theme.

The Relationships Theme is one of nine themes through which all learning can be delivered to pre-teenage children in preparation for the take up of the more formal subject based approach.

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