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Nanna brings a holistic approach to children’s learning including the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual aspects of life. She especially supports children through unexpected changes and expected transitions.

Nanna is an experienced Sport Psychologist, therapist, and special needs teacher with experience working with individuals, families, and communities within international settings. She provides self-regulation empowering tailored programs for all ages who are going through unexpected changes, transitions, or want to optimize potential. Training programs are based on methods and techniques built around neuroscience, positive, and sports psychology to build up a winner’s mindset. Programs implement a holistic approach: physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual.

Nanna is skilled in mental health, teamwork, class management, motivational speaking, and play therapy.

Co-founder of Aha Accelerating Education which is currently focused on a Youth Hackathon, the aim of which is to take the views of young people how they look at education in 2021 and beyond.

Links with LBL

Nanna’s experience as a Sport Psychologist is of particular interest to our Life-Based Learning program for the way in which she implements a holistic approach: physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual.

Through the LBL framework children learn to know about and look after themselves physically, emotionally and cognitively as one of the three areas of life through which we seek to educate children. At the heart of the learning program is the child as reflective self, the child as a spiritual being.

We blog regularly on the topic of Physical Health.

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