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A trained zoologist, Maryjane encourages in herself and in her teaching of trainee teachers best innovative practice in children’s learning. LBL creator Michael Mac said: “Maryjane is an inspiration. She mentors trainee teachers in her local area, going in to schools once a week to assist their training — only three weeks trained — learn to teach.

“Maryjane’s blog [see the link below] is an example of behaviour management in very different educational and schooling circumstances to our own in the UK. For example, she works hard to convince teachers that corporal punishment is not the way. She promotes a positive message — ‘Increased motivation … Joyful students … Boosted self-esteem’ — that focuses on building effective relationships based on warmth, trust and mutual respect. Her emphasis on pupil involvement and on rewards systems stands out. I particularly like the ‘homework pass’ idea!”

Links with LBL

Maryjane’s work resonates with LBL’s Relationship Theme – at the heart of adult guidance of children’s learning is the development and maintenance of a positive relationship dynamic between learner and guider.

This blog discusses Maryjane’s work in the context of the LBL focus on building strong relationships:

We blog regularly on the topic of Relationships.

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