TJ Juttla

About TJ

TJ inspires change in education and challenges the status quo. He is an education recruitment specialist.

He creates videos with teachers and educational leaders and makes these available via The Teachers’ Point of View.

He has recorded over 60 podcasts profiling many who are making a difference within the current system and others looking to the future of education.

Education is such a wonderful profession and we couldn’t live without it. Every single industry stems from schools because of the hard work teachers do day in day out and how much difference you make to students’ lives. Education is on a journey and is forever evolving which makes it such a fascinating industry to be a part of.

TJ Juttla

Links with LBL

TJ’s respect for the teaching profession and desire to highlight good practice, at the same time as championing new approaches, resonate with LBL’s mission to bring about major change to the current system.

We wrote about TJ’s work with one young changemaker in this blog:

We blog regularly on the topic of new thinking and curriculum reform.

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