Sally Field

About Sally

Sally is project manager at 5asideCHESS, a social enterprise to tackle loneliness, social isolation and the mental ill health and depression that these issues can cause.

Her latest initiative is 5asideCHESS STREET focusing on on creating places for people to meet and make new contacts.

Her portfolio includes helping businesses to grow, to find new markets and to explore opportunities that may otherwise be missed, simplifying the complicated and how to see connections that are not always obvious. She has a proven background in sales and marketing.

Links with LBL

Sally’s promotion of 5asideCHESS resonates with LBL’s Emotions Theme by providing mental health support to lonely and socially isolated people. Her work connects to LBL’s Relationships Theme enabling people to make contact and build up friendships with others.

We blog regularly on the topic of Mental Health.

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