The LBL Approach

Life-Based Learning (LBL) is an approach specifically designed for children between the ages of 5 to 11 (or thereabouts, depending on how education is organised in your country). It is easily adaptable for early years and pre-schoolers too. The LBL approach organises learning around three elements:

  • knowledge
  • knowhow
  • practice

The approach allows children to make the most of all aspects of life by integrating the subjects of the traditional curriculum into nine life-learning themes. The LBL approach makes life itself the primary purpose of the learning.

The LBL approach: switching children on to learning

  • Children know and look after themselves better
  • Better relationships are created now and into adult life
  • Awareness and action is brought to community and society
  • Children grow up better able to live in harmony with the planet
  • Children’s learning is dramatically improved
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