The LBL Approach

Life-Based Learning (LBL) is an approach specifically promoted for children of all ages from early childhood to adulthood across all stages of learning from nursery to university level and beyond.

The approach organises learning around three elements:

  • knowledge
  • knowhow
  • practice

The approach allows children and young people to make the most of all aspects of life by informing how the traditional subject approach to learning – adopted by so many countries globally – can be improved.

LBL brings greater meaning to subject learning and to the learning processes by making life itself the primary purpose of the learning.

MIchael mac

The LBL approach: switching children on to learning

  • Children know and look after themselves better
  • Better relationships are created now and into adult life
  • Awareness and action is brought to community and society
  • Children grow up better able to live in harmony with the planet
  • Children’s learning is dramatically improved
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