Matt Harder

About Matt

Matt is Director at FOREST SCHOOL ASSOCIATION Founder of Bluebell Bushcraft and Forest School Primary Teacher MCCT

“Bluebell Bushcraft specialises in outdoor education, Forest School sessions and bushcraft training.

We provide a range of opportunities for the enjoyment and experiencing of the wonderful nature which Britain has to offer, and offering the chance to learn key woodland skills and crafts.

If it’s parties, after-school & holiday clubs, corporate team-building days or just a fun family day out, Bluebell Bushcraft can offer a unique and fun-packed experience for all ages.”

Links with LBL

Matt’s passion resonates with LBL’s area of learning – children growing up better able to live in harmony with the planet. The three areas of learning are The Self, Other People and The Environment We Inhabit – all subject learning id directed through these three learning areas.

We blog regularly on the topics of Plants, Environment & Nature, Animal Life and Physical World & Sustainable Living.

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