Trevor Soponis

About Trevor

Trevor connects with the Life Based Learning approach through promotion of project based learning exemplified by sustainable learning projects.

Trevor is the founder and chief learning officer of ‘The Sustainable Learning Projects‘.

Trevor works in two ways:

He works with teachers, schools, districts, universities, and companies to create innovative learning experiences to transform education for people and the planet.

In addition he advocates tech-supported, individualized, mastery-and-project-based, student-centered, and asynchronous teaching and learning

“Using an interdisciplinary, project-based approach, we create learning centred experiences.”

Trevor Soponis

Through transformational professional development, on-demand instructional coaching, and innovative curriculum design, he is dedicated to reimagining the educational experience for all students.

Links with LBL

Trevor’s passion for sustainable learning projects resonates with the third life area in the LBL framework where the focus is on children acquiring knowhow and practice in looking after plant life, animal life and the planet’s material resources in sustainable ways.

We blog regularly on the topic Physical World & Sustainable Living and Plants, Environment & Nature.

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