Mike Gilmour

About Mike

Mike brings life based perspective to children’s learning through a special focus on why relationships matter. His book The Power of Rapport is a practical guide to building trust and developing authentic connections.

He is principal of Knightsbridge House International School, Singapore.

‘The School is an independent co-educational international school with international teachers, offering Prep to 6 and following the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Students are immersed in a multicultural, inclusive, and collaborative community that fosters a nurturing environment in which they can grow to their fullest potential. Knightsbridge House International School is proud to welcome students of all nationalities. As an inclusive school, we seek to promote equal opportunities, and review all applicants fairly and without prejudice.’


Links with LBL

Mike’s leadership in the use of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is of interest to us for the links that can be made to our Life-Based Learning framework.

However, of major interest to LBL is Mike’s firm belief in the ability to build rapport as one of the most essential skills required to be successful in life. This resonates with the LBL Relationships Theme which stresses the importance of relationships in the learning process.

The LBL Relationships Theme is one of nine themes through which all learning is directed.

We blog regularly on the topic of Relationships.

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