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Danny has 20 years experience working as an Outdoor Educator around the world, he’s a Forest School Leader and Trainer, Climbing Instructor, Storyteller and Author of Children’s Books.

He is passionate and dedicated to working with young people in pursuit of a brighter future for all. He is an advocate of Experiential Education, Outdoor Learning, Community Engagement and Youth Development in the hope of building strong communities that value wellbeing, foster equality and provide opportunities for all.

He is the founder of We Be Kids through which he provides free activities to boost family well-being, in partnership with Annie Trevana who has worked within educational settings for over 20 years as a Teacher, Youth Worker, Community Arts Worker, Artist and is both a qualified children’s and adult Yoga and Mindfulness instructor.

Activities highlighted on the website cover Nature, Nature Art & Craft, Storytelling and Family Yoga and Mindfulness.

Amongst other activities is a free membership in We Be Kids where members can network each other.

Danny additionally home schools his child.

Links with LBL

Danny’s passion for nature and outdoor education resonates with the LBL approach to make life itself the primary purpose of learning a key feature of which is children growing up better able to live in harmony with the planet appreciating and looking after ‘the great outdoors’.

We blog regularly on the topics of Plants, Environment & Nature, Animal Life and Physical World & Sustainable Living.

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