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Pip and Perter connect with the Life Based Learning approach for their work to influence current UK government curriculum provision.

Oxford School of Thought is a primary education think tank dedicated to generating and supporting new ideas and research in education.

OST generates and supports research in education, publishes, helps to develop opinions, advises on policy and promotes thinking on education.

Pip and Peter are dedicated to schooling in the UK constantly adapting and changing to provide opportunities for children to develop as fully contributing citizens in the 21st century.

There needs to be a significant shift in thinking about the purpose of education. One that recognises that no phase exists in isolation, from early years to higher education, and is the concern of all educators; and that learning can be a continuous and exciting engagement between pupils and their curriculum.

Pip Marples & Peter Cansell

Rethinking education: https://www.oxfordschoolofthought.org/studio-events

You can subscribe to the OST newsletter here: https://www.oxfordschoolofthought.org/big-ideas-library

Links with LBL

OST is particularly relevant for the way in which it seeks to influence UK government education policy and the way it promotes academic debate and proposals for improvements to government educational requirements on schools.

There are proposals for radical reform particularly in the areas of how children learn and the way children are currently assessed — two areas which resonate with LBL thinking.

We blog regularly on the topic of new thinking and curriculum reform.

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