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Annapurna is founder and CEO of Emotionalytics and Co. She is an HR Thought Leader, Behavior Assessor, Emotional Intelligence Practioner, and Chair Person – WEEF Assocham Karnataka.

As a complete strategist and execution oriented HR professional with 20 plus years experience, she is a change agent in all organizations, driving organization development, effectiveness and leadership in different business models comprising both public and private ranging across hard core infrastructure, manufacturing, aeronautical, sales, IT and health.

Central to her work is learning, mental health, emotional health, emotional intelligence and decision making

Links with LBL

Annapurna’s engagement with adults in the world of work resonates with LBL’s Emotions Theme.

In the Life -Based Learning system, The Emotions Theme puts children’s emotional development on a par with eight other life learning themes covering all aspects of life.

We strongly belief that the work place would be all the better for our focus on children developing their mental health, emotional health and emotional intelligence when they are young and not having to play catch up as adults.

We blog regularly on the topic of Mental Health.

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