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Melanie, as co-founder & CEO of eduCCate Global, provides climate-change teacher certification globally.

eduCCate Global is teaching and equipping teachers to confidently integrate climate and carbon literacy within their existing curriculum.

As you can see from her eduCCate Global website, Melanie sets out very clearly the advantages and steps in teachers acquiring certification making it easy for teachers to build capacity and confidence over time in this important aim to have a ‘climate change teacher’ in every classroom across the globe.

Launched on April 22, 2019, as a not-for-profit,  ‘we are in 349K schools in 43 countries’ – a tremendous response by teachers from every corner of the Earth.

eduCCate Global

Links with LBL

The climate-change certification scheme for teachers very much resonates with LBL’s one of three life areas ‘the physical space we occupy as humans on the planet’ through which children:

  • learn to value nature and the Earth’s plant life
  • learn to value and nurture animal life
  • learn about the importance of managing the Earth’s resources and living sustainably.

We blog regularly on the topics of Plants, Environment & Nature, Animal Life and Physical World & Sustainable Living.

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