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Lisa provides high-quality free information and resources to schools looking to provide the best possible support for students’ social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Lisa is listed as a Changemaker for her evident expertise in these important areas of children’s life and education.

When you scroll down the homepage of Lisa’s website you come across a series of links taking you to carefully researched and fascinating information written in highly accessible language.

The titles themselves pique your curiosity. There is much for teachers to take into consideration not just for children’s wellbeing but also for the impact emotional trauma and upset has on the traditional learning required of them.

  • What are ACEs?
  • Developmental trauma
  • What happens to our brain when in survival mode?
  • Why attachment matters
  • Pace – a therapeutic approach
  • Survival guides for primary and secondary
  • Regulation techniques
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • The Betari box
  • Crisis intervention

The research articles and resources are from some of the world’s leading experts in the field of promoting positive mental health and wellbeing for children — expanding the boundaries of teacher knowledge and understanding of all that is involved in this key area.

The material is ideal for the school SENCO to raise areas for discussion to raise awareness of the complexity of children’s emotional development, for example: adverse childhood trauma; the implications of attachment on learning and behaviour; how best to relate to children [PACE]; and even Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. How can teachers facilitate learning when basic needs are not being met?

Children do not learn emotions the same way they learn the alphabet or new words. Teachers, parents and others cannot easily change emotional states, but should not ignore them either. Building an environment that supports emotional growth will stand forefront to building not only emotionally sound children, but students that have a better opportunity for higher learning and critical thinking.

Learning strategies ILS

Be sure to make a small donation when making individual use of Lisa’s resources and a substantial donation commensurate with what a school would pay when materials are used in teacher workshops, to inform school practice, the creation of policy documents and so on.

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Links with LBL

Lisa’s work with schools resonates with LBL’s Emotions theme which emphasises the need for children to be in good mental health, have well-developed emotional intelligence and be emotionally ready to learn.

Cognitive Functioning + Emotional Readiness = Learning

We blog regularly on the topic of mental health.

The Emotions theme is one of nine themes through which all learning is delivered in the LBL approach.

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