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About Phil

Phil is a tour de force for the contribution he has made to Canadian education of children and international promulgation of his career development projects. See his biography here.

He is a passionate advocate for change to state-provided education in ways that reengage students in genuine learning.

“I believe that education should help students find their authentic self, identify issues that ignite their passion for learning and life, and master the social-emotional skills and competencies they’ll need to create a happy, purposeful, and fulfilling life. It should empower students to create a great life (passion) and a better world (purpose).

This requires a dramatic shift from slavish adherence to prescribed, age-based, college-prep curriculum and standardized tests to a personalized, problem- and community-based learning approach in which students address real-world issues, like the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while mastering skills they’ll need lifelong, like Michael Pullan’s 6 C’s of deep learning  – “

  • character
  • citizenship
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • creativity
  • critical thinking

Key document

The Fourth R: Readiness

The ‘Fourth R: Readiness’ reimagines public education to ensure students leave school ready to create a great life and, in their own ways, make the world better. It is well worth a read.

Links with LBL

Phil’s advocacy for change resonates with Life-Based Learning which benefits children developing themselves physically, emotionally and intelligently; focuses on children acquiring a broad range of communication and relationships skills towards positive relations and proactive participation in the community; and work cooperatively in living sustainably.

We blog regularly on the topic of New Thinking & Curriculum Reform

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