Lakshmi Prakash

About Lakshmi

Lakshmi see herself ‘Visionary, Change Maker, Academic Strategist, Innovative Educator, Eloquent Orator’.

She is an academic strategist and an innovative educator with a decade of experience in operational excellence in leading a school towards holistic education by leading a team of efficient teachers and managing the stakeholders efficiently.

She has redesigned the curriculum to cater to the changing need of students by adopting a child-centric interdisciplinary approach to ensure the application of classroom learning to real-life situations using experiential teaching material

Links with LBL

Lakshmi’s work resonates with LBL for her desire to develop the whole person through her child-centric interdisciplinary holistic approach to children learning real-life situations.

Whilst we see the main feature of Lakshmi’s work resonating with LBL’s Mind Theme.

The Mind Theme focuses on children learning the way the brain works best by children learning in a holistic way that includes engaging children’s curiosity and motivation, ensuring children are emotionally aligned to learning and knowing that their learning is nurtured by positive relationships between children and adults guiding the learning.

We blog regularly on the topic of Learning & Cognitive Health.

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