This page provides links to an eclectic mix of thought-provoking and information-rich websites relevant to Life-Based Learning.

Many of the websites we link to relate directly to children’s learning – mostly pre-teenage children, as this is this age range where the life-learning foundations are laid.

All of them demonstrate an interest in children being involved in life-focused learning.

Please note that a link here is not an endorsement of the concept of LBL as such.

The UK connection

As the concept of a life-based curriculum originated in Britain, a key website for information and reference is the national curriculum in England. This sets out the subjects children between the ages of 5 to 14 have to study. It is an important reference, given that the purpose of this website is to propose an alternative to subject-based learning.

Similarly, the PSHE Association website is an important point of reference for what has to be learned as part of the national curriculum in England. PSHE covers statutory and non-statutory themes and dimensions that are central to life-based learning, such as health, emotional development, relationships, community (living in the wider world) and citizenship.

Similarly, many of the websites originate in the UK, but not all. There is a fair smattering of links to other – mainly western or westernised – countries. You are welcome to suggest additions.

Useful links relevant to individual themes

The Body

The Emotions

The Mind




Plant Life

Animal Life

Physical World

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