Steve Carr

About Steve

Steve connects to the Life Based Learning approach for his work in developing positive relationships between teachers and pupils.

Steve offers unique insights from relationship psychology that help teachers approach classroom management with clarity and confidence.

In line with Teacher Standards, Steve provides a CPD course developing teacher understanding and empathy on how children develop intellectually and how to respond to the needs of every child they teach.

The course is organised around a study group who support one another through the program to transform their relationship with their students, their colleagues and their own ‘teacher-self’.

When teachers understand why and how children want to learn, as well of some of the deep seated mechanisms that children of any age use to defend themselves, they teach with more purpose and confidence.

Links with LBL

Steve’s expertise in developing positive relationships between children and teachers resonates with LBL’s ‘Relationship Theme’, one on the nine LBL themes designed as a radical alternative to current subject based approaches to learning with its plethora of addons.

What we are saying is that ‘relationships’ is a key learning focus for children and adults in the Life-Based Learning. Steve provides an example of the way education needs to progress by acknowledging the role of positive relationships in the learning process.

We blog regularly on the topic of Relationships.

Get in touch with Steve

Steve is available to share his knowledge and wisdom.

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