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Michael created Life-Based Learning as ‘a lifeline to human survival’. Life Based Learning is a radical reappraisal of where the emphasis needs to be on children’s learning.

He is the founder/creator of Life-Based Learning (LBL).

All learning of traditional subjects is done through nine life themes to ensure that the learning focus is on children learning the knowledge, knowhow and practices relevant to the life they are leading whatever that life context is and whatever their location on Planet Earth.

His life-learning system is based on an analysis of the challenges facing individuals, societies and the environment.

The learning outcomes are children armed with the knowledge, knowhow and practices in looking after themselves, possessing better skills and improved knowledge of relationships to bring to their interactions with other people, and nurturing a profound sense of responsibility to contribute in community efforts in living sustainably — ensuring the survival of their children and their children’s children into the next century and beyond.

It is not with out reason that Michael’s strapline is:

Life-Based Learning – Lifelife to Human Survival.

There is not a moment to lose. We depend on the up-and-coming generations to get things right. We can only do this through giving our children the necessary knowledge, skills and life tools now.

Subject entrenchment prevents change.

We blog regularly on the topic of new thinking and curriculum reform.

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