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The Action Your Potential webinar supports the key Life Based Learning priority for children to learn how to make the most of their brain.

Andrew uses evidence-based neuroscience, psychology and cognitive science to support children, young people, parents and professionals. They understand their amazing brain so they can get more out of every day.

“Change the Conversation About Closing The Gap: Bring the Neuroscience Revolution to Your School Community. Action Your Potential is an inspiring, engaging webinar for school leaders and teachers. It explores how the Build a NeuroNinja programme now in 120 schools nationally. Parental engagement is transform. Learning is supported as is mental health. You are enabled to take a massive stride forward in your gap closing efforts.”

Andrew Wright

Neuro-Ninjas know how their brains work. They are able to live inside them with the agility to get the best out of every day.

Andrew WRight

Links with LBL

Andrew’s Action Your Potential work with schools resonates with LBL’s Emotions Theme. The theme emphases the need for children to be in good mental health. This means having well development emotional intelligence. Children are then emotionally ready to learn.

I love his twelve rocks of well-being check list.

We blog regularly on the topic of Mental Health.

[The LBL Emotions Themes is one of nine themes through which all learning is delivered].

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