Mark Upton

About Mark

Mark’s focus is a love of learning as evidenced by his introduction of The Children’s University to China.

He has an impressive portfolio of activity in the education of children and young people.

He is CEO of upto u education services, & Director of Education at ICONA Group, & a Learnlife LEAD for China, & International Advisory Committee Member, New Media Arts College, and Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

“We believe that advanced digital skills are essential for students entering university. Up2U portfolio provides the tools to revolutionize your teaching method and motivates students to benefit from the latest technology during learning. Let us help you unfold the regular classroom and make learning fun.”

Mark, passionate about education, is a Learnlife ‘LEAD’ for China and introduced The Children’s University to China.

“At Children’s University we believe in limitless learning beyond the classroom”.

Links with LBL

We have made the link to Mark for the initiatives he has brought to extending children’s learning beyond the classroom into the wider education community.

We blog regularly on the topic of Community, Society & Nation 

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