David Howard

About David

David brings an ethical perspective to education and has a linked discussion group for you to join


He typically raises imaginative and relevant questions to encourage exchange of views, especially in the education context which is his background.

“Can an effective leader also be ethical? Can an ethical person be an effective leader?”

He engages in thinking about education now and into the future and is a keen exponent of the need for a fundamental rethink on the context, content and delivery of learning to children.

Links with LBL

Resonates with the LBL aim to facilitate learning relevant to life and living. In particular, children learning to live ethically connects to LBL’s Community Theme.

The Life-Based Learning system is based on the three areas of life: The Self, Other People, The Physical Material Wordl.

There are three aspects to our interaction with ‘Other People’: effective and positive communication; maintenance of positive and lasting relationships; and active and cooperative contribution to the community. A positive ethical approach to the cultural, racially and religious diverse that makes up the UK is essential learning.

We blog regularly on the topic of New Thinking & Curriculum Reform

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