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Beau is a professor in neuroscience and specialist in perceptual intelligence providing viewer participation experiments, insights and challenge to the way we think.

His opening website message:

Become more agile, creative and compassionate

We are the world’s only perceptual neuroscience creative studio. We exist to help individuals and businesses adapt and thrive in an increasingly uncertain world by increasing their Perceptual Intelligence.

Becoming aware of why you see what you do gives you the agency to shape how you will see in the future. But doing so requires going to the very place your brain evolved to avoid:

To Not Know

Our unique process of neuroscience and experiential design discovers and shares insights into your perception that are personal, emotional and actionable. But be aware! Sometimes what we learn is often not what we thought (or wanted) to be true. But it’s only through such honesty that you will be able to expand what you see of yourself and the world around you.

The Lab of Misfits is dedicated to expanding your perceptual intelligence. To help you better understand the perceptual assumptions and biases that guide your conscious and unconscious behaviours. Through our INSIGHTS we hope to help you answer the question “Who are you?” in order to live a more authentic, compassion and resilient life. Join us on this journey and learn more.

Example experiments: Home Love; Optimism; Looking Back

Links with LBL

A key feature of the LBL Mind Theme is the research and development we believe needs to go into the learning processes we engage children in. Beau is working at the frontiers of neuroscience in his engagement of individual and businesses ‘to adapt and thrive in an increasing uncertain environment’.

LBL promotes nine life learning themes through which all learning provides children with the knowledge, knowhow and practices to understand and manage themselves as individuals, manage their interactions with others and work collaboratively in living sustainably.

We blog regularly on Learning & Cognitive Health.

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