Holly Cottrell

About Holly

Holly is the managing director at Impact Education North West, Holly’s key skill is engaging hard to work with and vulnerable children in learning.

“At Impact North West, we offer a blended curriculum for key stage 3 and 4 to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to make good progress in the core subjects academically but also have the opportunity to participate in our enrichment programme to develop themselves holistically, focusing on building resilience, communication and self awareness.”

Holly is working at the forefront of education providing a nurturing and caring environment for children who have difficulty in adapting to main stream schooling

Links with LBL

Whilst, in our view, Holly’s work is hampered by the requirement to deliver the National Curriculum with its attendant limited assessment processes and Ofsted inspection limitations, we have included her on the our changemakers list for the specific service Impact Education North West offers

Impact Education North West resonates with LBL’s Relationship Theme, one of the nine LBL themes designed as a radical alternative to current subject based approaches to learning with its plethora of addons.

We blog regularly on the topic of Relationships.

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Holly is available to share her knowledge and wisdom.

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