Loni Bergqvist

About Loni

Loni provides consultancy to schools as an exponent of learning which is student driven, authentic, personalised, collaborative and equitable.

She achieves this through project based learning which is pedagogical sound in approach where students work with developing solutions and creating products that address a real-world problem, challenge or question.

Through this process, students must collaborate to use knowledge, skills and feedback to improve their work.

Students document their work in a portfolio and formally reflect on their learning during the project and at the end.

Projects combine the head, hands and heart while engaging students in authentic and meaningful work.

There is an audience for student work – Projects (products+process) are presented to an authentic audience at an exhibition.


Links with LBL

Loni’s passion to engage students in genuine and up to date project based learning resonates with LBL’s Mind Theme.

The Mind Theme is a key component of self-development in children’s learning where children are developing physically, emotionally and cognitively. Cognitive development is children learning the way the brain learns best with the attendant curiosity and motivation nurtured by positive relationships between children and adults guiding the learning.

We blog regularly on the topic of Learning & Cognitive Health.

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