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Tigger connects to Life Based Learning through his consultancy and practical innovative support for neurodivergent individuals.

Tigger is an Autistic and PDA Advocate, Consultant and Trainer

He has over thirty years of working alongside, learning from and advocating for neurodivergent individuals in many different ways: support worker, advocate, teacher, facilitator, trainer, manager, lecturer and a friend, its been a long journey, one that I’m still traveling and learning on, personally and professionally.

He uses his extensive experience, knowledge and teaching practice to pass on his skills through his training and consultancy work across the whole of the United Kingdom, and a few other places across the globe, face to face and online.

He advises individuals, families, corporate organisations and educational settings on a consultancy basis. This includes one to one work and advising families needing support, plus working in care, educational and other establishments.

My goal is to reduce anxiety for all Neurotypes, through awareness, acceptance and understanding.

Tigger Pritchard


Links with LBL

Tigger is listed for his extensive experience in “working alongside, learning from and advocating for neurodivergent individuals”.

He resonates with LBL’s Cognitive and Emotions Themes which focuses children’s ability to use their brains and their emotions to their best advantage by, as Tigger says, through awareness, acceptance and understanding.

We blog regularly on Learning & Cognitive Health and Mental Health.

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