About LBL

Everyone deserves an education for life, especially the up and coming generations.

These are perilous times. As individuals, we face increasing physical and mental health problems. Our communities are in turmoil, and the planet itself is in danger.

We owe it to our children of all ages, and to ourselves, to become equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to tackle the staggering challenges facing current and future generations in achieving personal realisation, world harmony and environmental sustainability in which we as humans can survive into the foreseeable future and beyond.

Life-Based Learning (LBL) is a bold and imaginative vision for children’s learning.

We promote a life-based approach to learning to better prepare children — as they grow into adulthood — to manage the life-threatening challenges facing individuals, societies and environments across the planet. This is an urgent priority. Time is not on our side.

Use the links to read more about our beginnings, the urgent mission for all of us and trouble-free ways to support this critical new way of educating children. Thank you.

Michael Mac
Creator, Life-Based Learning

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