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About Rachel

Rachel connects to the Life Based Learning approach through her support for relationships building between parents and their children.

Rachel specialises in helping people to build stronger relationships with others, guiding them so they can co-exist in harmony with family, friends, colleagues and others with whom they need to forge a strong and deep connection. She works, for example, with parents, teachers, young children and teenagers.

Rachel uses her skills and experience to help others find clarity, happiness and success by giving them a voice and encouraging them to be heard. Key to Rachel’s approach is ‘co-creation’, defined by Rachel on her website as “a form of collaborative innovation: ideas are shared and improved together, rather than kept to oneself.”

LBL connection

Rachel’s expertise in developing positive relationships between children and adults resonates with LBL’s ‘Relationship Theme’, one on the nine LBL themes designed as a radical alternative to current subject based approaches to learning with its plethora of addons.

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This blog discusses Rachel’s work in the context of LBL thinking on the need to focus on relationships learning..

We blog regularly on the topic of Relationships.

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Rachel is available to share her knowledge and wisdom.

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