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A people’s plan for nature

People's Plan for Nature

An important conversation about the future of nature has just started – one that will be “too big for anyone to ignore” – and the entire UK population is invited to join in. The People’s Plan for Nature is an initiative from WWF, the… Continue Reading “A people’s plan for nature”

A welcome social prescribing initiative

social prescribing

The Department for Transport has announced that walking and cycling are to be offered on prescription in a nationwide trial. ‘Social prescriptions’ will be offered by GPs as part of a new trial to improve mental and physical health. Evidence of success will include fewer GP… Continue Reading “A welcome social prescribing initiative”

Cutting down on plastic

cutting down on plastic

The results of a recent survey suggest that recycling is not the magic solution to our problem with plastic. It appears that only about 12% of plastic is actually recycled in the UK – the rest is either recycled elsewhere or disposed of in… Continue Reading “Cutting down on plastic”

Embed sustainability across the curriculum

Embed sustainability across the curriculum

In the same week that, after a month of devastating floods, the president of South Africa declared that climate change is here and we “can no longer postpone what we need to do”, the UK Department for Education unveiled its Sustainability and Climate Change… Continue Reading “Embed sustainability across the curriculum”

A new natural history GCSE

new natural history GCSE

The UK government plans to introduce an “exciting” new GCSE in natural history by September 2025. Details of the qualification are included in the Department for Education’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy, which was launched this week. The education secretary claims that the UK… Continue Reading “A new natural history GCSE”

A green education for children

A green education

‘Now or never’ is the blunt message of UN scientists, referring to the need to take decisive action on greenhouse gas emissions to stave off the worst impacts of climate change in the future. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that global… Continue Reading “A green education for children”

Schools white paper needs to be greener

schools white paper

The UK government has this week unveiled its new schools white paper, the first for six years. It talks of “real action to level up education”. Levelling-up is the current government’s ‘big idea’, of course. There is lots about multi-academy trusts, support for SEND… Continue Reading “Schools white paper needs to be greener”

A fantastic gateway into the world of nature

learning from nature

A new nature research project called Fruitwatch is mobilising citizen scientists to monitor when fruit trees bloom this spring. The Reading University researchers want to see whether climate change is causing trees to flower earlier than when insect pollinators are most active. If this… Continue Reading “A fantastic gateway into the world of nature”

Young people are our hope for a greener future

Young people are our hope for a greener future

Young people are our hope for a greener future

Problems with going green

problems with going green

The climate crisis is probably the biggest long-term challenge that humanity faces. Doing nothing is not a viable option. We cannot go on with business as usual. Our lives and livelihoods will be affected in the coming years and decades – by how much… Continue Reading “Problems with going green”