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We need to keep children active

More evidence has been published suggesting that children are not as physically active as they need to be and that their activity levels are actually falling over time. Covid has been a factor, of course: the new University of Bristol study indicates that children… Continue Reading “We need to keep children active”

Opportunities to swim

Opportunities to swim

Recently published figures on life expectancy, healthy life expectancy and adult activity levels reveal stark and shocking inequalities across the nation. We have been blogging recently about the need to rethink how we tackle obesity. And however unwelcome the thought is at a time… Continue Reading “Opportunities to swim”

Rethinking how we tackle obesity

Tackle obesity

The radical writer and activist George Monbiot wrote recently about an ‘epistemic crisis’ – ‘epistemic’ means ‘relating to knowledge’. He quoted the journalist Gabriel Gatehouse lamenting the loss of a “common frame of reference” and a “shared sense of reality”. Monbiot’s argument was that… Continue Reading “Rethinking how we tackle obesity”

Ensuring children lead active lives

Ensuring children lead active lives

The latest Active Lives survey from Sport England, published this week, suggests that there has been a partial recovery in adult activity levels following a large drop caused by the Covid pandemic. However, more than 12 million adults are currently classed as inactive. The… Continue Reading “Ensuring children lead active lives”

Helping children lead healthy lives

Helping children live healthy lives

Shocking new figures released by the UK Office for National Statistics are a reminder that there is a massive gap in healthy life expectancy and in overall life expectancy between the wealthiest and the poorest areas of England. For example, someone born in a… Continue Reading “Helping children lead healthy lives”

Embed sustainability across the curriculum

Embed sustainability across the curriculum

In the same week that, after a month of devastating floods, the president of South Africa declared that climate change is here and we “can no longer postpone what we need to do”, the UK Department for Education unveiled its Sustainability and Climate Change… Continue Reading “Embed sustainability across the curriculum”

Invest in music education

invest in music education

A leading classical musician is introducing an eye-catching initiative to widen access to music for children. The Chinese pianist, educator and philanthropist Lang Lang has announced plans to set up several ‘piano labs’ in schools, each with 20 to 30 keyboards. The first piano… Continue Reading “Invest in music education”

Children’s mental health services in crisis

Children's mental health

A survey of 1,001 GPs across the UK who have sought urgent help for under-18s with mental health problems indicates that children’s mental health services have deteriorated over the past six years. 95% of the GPs surveyed said that mental health services for children… Continue Reading “Children’s mental health services in crisis”