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Our future health

Findings from the UK’s biggest medical-research project suggest that more than half of all adults have high cholesterol and more than one in four have high blood pressure. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are key risk factors for two of the biggest causes… Continue Reading “Our future health”

Supporting girls’ participation in sport

Girls' participation in sport

‘We need to get girls on the pitch, but we need to get girls to stay on the pitch.’ That’s the message behind the Kick On football initiative promoted by Starling Bank and its ambassador Jill Scott MBE, the former England footballer. Though nearly… Continue Reading “Supporting girls’ participation in sport”

Supporting PE in schools

PE in schools

Two statistics – one a cause for celebration, the other more a cause for shame – caught the eye this week. First the good news: the UK television audience for England’s appearance in the women’s football World Cup final peaked at 14.8 million. And… Continue Reading “Supporting PE in schools”

Tackling grim health projections

Health projections

More than nine million people in England will be living with major illness by 2040, according to the Health Foundation. That is nearly one in five of the population. As we have said before, the evidence is stacking up that we are in effect… Continue Reading “Tackling grim health projections”

A prevention-first approach to health

prevention-first health

The National Health Service turns 75 this week. It faces huge short-term and long-term challenges – from ongoing strikes and lengthening waiting lists to worsening health outcomes – and there has been muck talk about the need for fundamental reform. The former health secretary… Continue Reading “A prevention-first approach to health”

Healthy habits for life

Healthy habits for life

A new survey has found that tiredness is a key barrier to healthier lifestyle choices for many UK adults. Lack of motivation is another reason why many people do not make changes to their diet and become more physically active. It comes in the… Continue Reading “Healthy habits for life”

Collective action on obesity

Action on obesity

This is the third in a short series of blogs (see below) prompted by the recent report from the highly respected Institute for Government, which argued that past governments have failed to effectively tackle rising obesity’s root causes, that politicians’ fear of the charge… Continue Reading “Collective action on obesity”

Shifting the Overton window


A key phrase in the Institute for Government article on obesity that was the focus of last week’s blog was ‘political squeamishness’. Though the article’s headline referred to “ministers’ fear of nanny statism”, the phrase was there in the standfirst (the brief summary below… Continue Reading “Shifting the Overton window”

A strategic approach to tackling obesity


References to ‘the nanny state’ and ‘nanny statism’ have been much in the UK news since last Friday (21 April) following the resignation of Dominic Raab from the government. The justice secretary and deputy prime minister resigned after a bullying inquiry found that he… Continue Reading “A strategic approach to tackling obesity”

Dealing with diabetes

Dealing with diabetes

New figures released by Diabetes UK show that the number of people in the UK living with diabetes has topped five million for the first time. The charity’s chief executive says that the UK is in the grip of a rapidly escalating diabetes crisis.… Continue Reading “Dealing with diabetes”