The Body: Links

This page provides links to an eclectic mix of practical materials and guidance support websites relevant to children knowing about and knowing how to look after their body.

The Body is one of nine life-based learning themes.

Please note that links do not always stay up to date. Please feel free to contact us about broken links.

Practical material

Advice not only for early years, but for 5 to 11 year olds (USA)

Learning more about the care and function of the body – Scholastic Education

Teaching children about their bodies -Early Years (USA)

PreK–K, 1–2; Early Years; Learning about the care and function of their bodies/ practical activities

Free resources for teaching about the body (UK)

National Curriculum in England: PSHE lesson plans K2 1 & 2; children aged 5 to 11 years

Teaching body autonomy [Safeguarding] (USA)

Seven steps to teaching children body autonomy

The right for a person to govern what happens to their body without external influence or coercion

Sensory stories (UK)

Sensory story: The body

Delivered to a group of 12-14 year old students with a range of needs including Autism and PMLD

A fun and handy A-Z of fruit and veg (UK)

Fun facts about fruit and veg: sponsored by World Cancer Research Fund

The Daily Mile (UK)

All children participate in 10 minutes of daily physical activity organised by the school

Play Scotland: Active Play (UK)

Home play pack and other practical physical activities

Home play pack and much else besides

Edutopia: Lesson warm-ups (USA)

Four lesson warmups to do in the classroom – adapt to crowded classrooms

Fun and Simple Stretches for Kids – classroom warmups (USA)

Some of these can be done in the classroom: others need more space

Brain-gym exercises (USA)

Thinks to do good for the brain including simple movement exercises

Developing stability, balancing, locomotor, manipulative and fine motor skills (USA and Australia)

All the above links: sets of exercises developing body movement ability

A gross and fine motor skills resource (UK)

A comprehensive programme of body development activities excellently presented

How to take care of your body for kids (USA)

A general guide on care of the body outlining the main areas of body care

Change for life (UK)

Food facts, recipes and your child’s weight

Encouraging a Healthy Body Image (USA)

Directed at parents encouraging a healthy body image in their children

The PE Shed: Physical Education resources, games and ideas (UK – global market)

Free and paid resources on every aspect of physical development and links to the emotions and mind development

Forty five active indoor games (USA)

Indoor games for kids of all ages

What to do with children in rainy weather keeping children indoors

Interactive fun learning (Australia)

Learning fundamental movement skills in fun and interactive ways

Practical resources encouraging children to be physically active at home (Australia)

Take home resources: Home activity pack: Major resource bank of activities.

Home learning challenges covering physical competences and physical fitness (UK)

SATPE Primary Home Learning challenges (

Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education [SATPE]

Guidance, support or background information

Record high levels of severe obesity found in year 6 children

WHO: Overweight and obesity [Global]


Obesity Health Alliance: The costs of obesity

UK government guidance (2017) — Childhood obesity: A plan for action (UK)

Sport England — committed to making the nation more active (UK)

NHS information on staying healthy (UK)

Caring for Kids — information site for parents (Canada)

Information about Public Health England (UK)

Royal Society for Public Health website (UK)

Association for Children with a Disability (Australia)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) — Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health (Global, based in Geneva)

Body Image Health website (America)

The Chief Medical Officer’s Physical Activity Guidelines across all ages – UK

UK chief medical officers’ physical activity guidelines

Centres in Ohio are treating children from 12 years of age for drug abuse (America)

Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences research projects

Eight benefits of team sports for kids (America)

Movement and learning: the link between body movement and cognition (USA)

Teaching with the Brain in Mind, 2nd Edition by Eric Jensen@ Chapter 4

Skills a Physical Education Teacher Needs (USA)

The benefits of exercise to the brain

The benefits of strenuous exercise (USA)

What works in schools and colleges to increase physical activity? (UK)

Advice on decreasing levels of inactivity in schools

One school’s interpretation of child sensory and physical needs

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