Communication Links

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

This page provides links to an eclectic mix of thought-provoking and information-rich websites relevant to life-based learning.

Many of them are websites with teaching resources for immediate use in the classroom. Others were particularly helpful when putting together this website.

All of them demonstrate an interest in children being involved in life-based learning.

Please note that a link here is not an endorsement of the concept of life-based learning or of MAC.

Policy and guidance support for children learning how to communicate effectively

Communication involves interaction on a variety of levels

A history of communication (USA)

Non-verbal communication explained (USA)

Information about paralanguage

Information about body language

Information about verbal communication skills

Oracy Cambridge campaigns for effective spoken communication

Article about a ‘million-word gap’ for children who are not read to at home

Two articles on the importance of writing skills

Article on interpersonal skills involving all aspects of communication

An interesting take on support for the careers of women, including a section on developing communication skills (USA)

An example of body language use in life (UK)

The Kids’ Storytelling Club (USA)

Practical material to use in the classroom

Article about the effective use of paralanguage in teaching (UK)

An article on teaching children body language (Canada)

An excellent page from BBC Teach about teaching speaking and listening with downloadable resources (UK)

Advice for teachers on speaking and listening (USA)

Advice from I CAN, a children’s communication charity (UK)

Access to a huge database of resources (UK)

Articles about why writing is important for children (USA)

Teaching resources site including information on types of writing (USA)

Article about the need for technology in the classroom (USA)