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A welcome social prescribing initiative

social prescribing

The Department for Transport has announced that walking and cycling are to be offered on prescription in a nationwide trial. ‘Social prescriptions’ will be offered by GPs as part of a new trial to improve mental and physical health. Evidence of success will include fewer GP… Continue Reading “A welcome social prescribing initiative”

2022 London Empathy Conference

Details of an opportunity to be part of the 2022 London Empathy Conference, which is taking place on Monday 12 September. Attendance can be in-person or virtual. The theme is Empathy in Action. This conference will be of particular interest to anyone who provides support… Continue Reading “2022 London Empathy Conference”

Limiting screen time

Limiting screen time

Researchers say that there was an increase in screen time during the Covid pandemic affecting all age groups, and most noticeably in children aged six to ten. Screen time is the amount of time spent using a device with a screen such as a… Continue Reading “Limiting screen time”

Adventurous play is good for children’s mental health

adventurous play

Life-Based Learning has consistently championed the importance of adventurous play for children. It has many benefits, not the least of which is helping children learn to assess and manage risk. Now an academic study has demonstrated the benefits of ‘risky play’ for children’s mental… Continue Reading “Adventurous play is good for children’s mental health”

Opportunities to swim

Opportunities to swim

Recently published figures on life expectancy, healthy life expectancy and adult activity levels reveal stark and shocking inequalities across the nation. We have been blogging recently about the need to rethink how we tackle obesity. And however unwelcome the thought is at a time… Continue Reading “Opportunities to swim”

Children’s mental health services in crisis

Children's mental health

A survey of 1,001 GPs across the UK who have sought urgent help for under-18s with mental health problems indicates that children’s mental health services have deteriorated over the past six years. 95% of the GPs surveyed said that mental health services for children… Continue Reading “Children’s mental health services in crisis”

Fund rather than cut adventure play

benefits of learning through play

Earlier this month Play England published research showing that at least 21 adventure playgrounds have been lost across England – roughly 15% of the total – in the last five years. Many more have suffered severe cuts in funding. Adventure play and adventure playgrounds… Continue Reading “Fund rather than cut adventure play”

New report warns of alarming decline in girls’ participation in sport as they reach puberty

women participation in sports

New research indicates that nearly half of all girls may be disengaging from sport when they enter their teenage years. The Women in Sport charity calls them ‘the lost 43%’. It says that it is “deeply concerned by the number of girls who disengage… Continue Reading “New report warns of alarming decline in girls’ participation in sport as they reach puberty”

Prince’s Trust warns of downward spiral of anxiety and lack of confidence affecting young people

The Prince’s Trust has warned about the state of young people’s mental wellbeing, including low levels of confidence about the future and high levels of anxiety and feelings of burnout. It adds to a growing body of evidence about the lasting impact of the… Continue Reading “Prince’s Trust warns of downward spiral of anxiety and lack of confidence affecting young people”

Raising our level of ambition to support young people’s mental health

mental health support

The footballer (now football manager) Wayne Rooney is 36 years of age. He was playing in the Premiership when he was just 16. In a new documentary he has described his long-term struggle with mental health problems and how, not very long ago, it… Continue Reading “Raising our level of ambition to support young people’s mental health”