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Barnardo’s calls for national social prescribing strategy

social prescribing

The children’s charity Barnardo’s has called for the introduction of a national strategy for social prescribing to help tackle the spiralling youth mental health crisis in the UK. It says that – with adequate funding – social prescribing “could make a real difference to… Continue Reading “Barnardo’s calls for national social prescribing strategy”

English Heritage makes sense of history

Make sense of history

English Heritage is encouraging visitors to its properties to deepen their connection with the past by taking time to focus on the sensations around them. And, in a “playful update”, the organisation is reintroducing old ‘Ministry of Works’ signs to its sites, encouraging visitors… Continue Reading “English Heritage makes sense of history”

Using archaeology to boost wellbeing


Historic England has launched a pilot programme that aims to use archaeology to improve young people’s wellbeing. The public body, which helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s historic environment, says that its Rejuvenate programme is the first of its kind for young… Continue Reading “Using archaeology to boost wellbeing”

A healthy workforce

mental health and a healthy workforce

Poor mental health blights lives. And yet, whether it’s the number of people affected or the state of our mental health services, things just seem to get worse, at least according to the headlines. Poor mental health affects individuals, but it also causes damage… Continue Reading “A healthy workforce”

The impact of social media

Impact of social media on mental health

One response on the letters page of the Guardian newspaper to a new survey on the impact of social media on young people, which found that large numbers of children are embarrassed by how they look was well, what’s new? To be fair to… Continue Reading “The impact of social media”

Physical literacy and mental health

Physical literacy and mental health

We will have a merry Xmas, declares today’s Daily Express front-page headline defiantly. “Britons are determined to splash what’s left of their cash to make the most of Christmas”, it says, as if a mad spending spree is the answer to all our current… Continue Reading “Physical literacy and mental health”

Opening up the countryside

countryside right to roam

What better way to shake off the after-effects of a late night or pick yourself up if you’re feeling a bit down than by going for a walk – especially if you are lucky enough to have easy access to green space. The evidence… Continue Reading “Opening up the countryside”

A welcome social prescribing initiative

social prescribing

The Department for Transport has announced that walking and cycling are to be offered on prescription in a nationwide trial. ‘Social prescriptions’ will be offered by GPs as part of a new trial to improve mental and physical health. Evidence of success will include fewer GP… Continue Reading “A welcome social prescribing initiative”

2022 London Empathy Conference

Details of an opportunity to be part of the 2022 London Empathy Conference, which is taking place on Monday 12 September. Attendance can be in-person or virtual. The theme is Empathy in Action. This conference will be of particular interest to anyone who provides support… Continue Reading “2022 London Empathy Conference”

Limiting screen time

Limiting screen time

Researchers say that there was an increase in screen time during the Covid pandemic affecting all age groups, and most noticeably in children aged six to ten. Screen time is the amount of time spent using a device with a screen such as a… Continue Reading “Limiting screen time”