Passionate about change? Write a blogpost and share your ideas

Are you a changemaker? Are you passionate about wanting to build a better future for our children? Why not contribute a ‘guest’ blogpost to our website, setting out your ideas on the changes that you would like to see? We would love to hear from you.

We are keen to feature blogposts written by fellow changemakers. Life-Based Learning is about educating our children. But changemakers are people from all walks of life — not just the world of education — who see a connection or congruence between Life-Based Learning and their own work and life interests.

By the nature of their work with children, the thinking of many of those who feature on our dedicated Changemakers page resonates with aspects of the LBL programme for children up to the age of 12 (or thereabouts). These people are changemakers working at the cutting edge of children’s learning.

Other changemakers, experts in their own area of work or interest, are engaged in activity with adults that adds value to LBL’s primary aim to repurpose children’s learning. Educationists can learn from these people.

Have we piqued your interest?

Our blogs are usually about a three-minute read: short (roughly 600 words) and to the point.

We focus on issues that urgently need addressing. We feature individuals and organisations crying out for children’s learning to be brought up to date with the rapidly changing world and the increasingly uncertain times that are the hallmark of life in the twenty-first century. We also highlight examples of outstanding practice — people and organisations who are making a difference and who offer information and resources useful to anyone with an interest in primary education.

This is an opportunity to speak to a new audience, to raise or make a serious contribution to an issue relating to the future of our children.

Why not get in touch with us and we will send you some guidelines to help you with what we are looking for?

In the meantime, check out some of our recent blogposts.

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