Global Empathy Conference 2021

The online 2021 Global Empathy Conference, organised by Virtual School Australia, is on Saturday 11 September and Sunday 12 September, with a special opening event on Friday 10 September. It offers “highly acclaimed Australian and international guest speakers, educators, professionals from all fields of work, and students to share their experiences and exemplary practice.” Delegates will be presenting from across the world, with a focus on empathy in action.

Presentations will be on the following topics:

  • Why empathy?
  • Can empathy be taught?
  • Empathy and its importance in the classroom
  • Practising empathy in real-life scenarios
  • Modelling empathy
  • Why is empathy training essential in teacher preparation?

Click here to find out more and click here to register for the conference. Be sure to check the time differences for your part of the world.

A leading figure behind the annual conference is Paramita Roy. Paramita is founder director (CEO) of Virtual School Australia. Paramita is listed on our Changemakers page, featuring individuals at the cutting-edge of children’s learning and education. Particular areas of interest, she says on her LinkedIn profile, are empathy, education, lifelong learning, lifelong transformation and social entrepreneurship.

LBL is also concerned with these areas as key characteristics required of learners in today’s fast-paced world of instant communication and rapid change. The development of children’s ability to empathise with people of different cultures and religious backgrounds is a key element of the LBL Relationships theme.

Also listed on our Changemakers page is Marcelo Staricoff. Marcelo is a keynote speaker at the Global Empathy Conference. We have blogged about Marcelo’s ‘Joy of Not Knowing’ approach to learning here.

Are you a changemaker? Are you passionate about wanting to build a better future for our children? If so, we would love to feature you on our Changemakers page. Not only that. Why not contribute a ‘guest’ blogpost to our website, setting out your ideas on the changes that you would like to see?

We are keen to feature blogposts written by fellow changemakers. LBL is about educating our children. But changemakers are people from all walks of life — not just the world of education — who see a connection or congruence between Life-Based Learning and their own work and life interests.

By the nature of their work with children, the thinking of many of those who feature on our Changemakers page resonates with aspects of the LBL programme for children up to the age of 12 (or thereabouts). These people are changemakers working at the cutting edge of children’s learning.

Other changemakers, experts in their own area of work or interest, are engaged in activity with adults that adds value to LBL’s primary aim to repurpose children’s learning. Educationists can learn from these people.

Contact us using the link below.

Virtual School Australia

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