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2022 London Empathy Conference

Details of an opportunity to be part of the 2022 London Empathy Conference, which is taking place on Monday 12 September. Attendance can be in-person or virtual. The theme is Empathy in Action. This conference will be of particular interest to anyone who provides support… Continue Reading “2022 London Empathy Conference”

School and community

Communities are central to modern life, and schools are central to communities. Theirs is a symbiotic bond. The recent Times Education Commission report has much to say about how schools and communities can and should work more closely. Community is at the heart of… Continue Reading “School and community”

New children’s laureate is thinking imaginatively

children's laureate

Joseph Cuelho is taking over as children’s laureate from the author Cressida Cowell. Meanwhile, latest figures show that one in four ten-year-olds did not meet the expected standard in reading or writing last year, and the Times Education Commission report pointed out recently that… Continue Reading “New children’s laureate is thinking imaginatively”

Promoting creativity

Promoting creativity

The phrases ‘blue-sky thinking’ and ‘thinking outside the box’ would probably be somewhere near the top of many people’s list of most annoying examples of management speak. Clichés are, by definition, tired and hackneyed, but they usually convey something important – in this case… Continue Reading “Promoting creativity”

The purpose of education

purpose of education

Britain’s education system “is failing on every measure”. That is the stark conclusion of the recently published Times Education Commission final report, which begins with a discussion of a fundamental question: what is the purpose of education? The report itself is a bold call… Continue Reading “The purpose of education”

Limiting screen time

Limiting screen time

Researchers say that there was an increase in screen time during the Covid pandemic affecting all age groups, and most noticeably in children aged six to ten. Screen time is the amount of time spent using a device with a screen such as a… Continue Reading “Limiting screen time”

Reimagining education

reimagining education

A year-long education commission, which took evidence from more than 600 experts across fields including business, the arts and education, has recommended major changes to the education system in response to the challenges of the coming decades. Many of the report’s criticisms of the… Continue Reading “Reimagining education”

A collective approach to obesity

collective approach to obesity

The UK government’s long-awaited food strategy, announced this week, has been widely criticised, including by its own food adviser. It comes in the same week that the charity Diabetes UK announced that the number of children being treated at paediatric diabetes units has risen… Continue Reading “A collective approach to obesity”

Promoting community education

community education

A lockdown opinion poll found that 73% of people would like society to be more connected in the future; they wanted “a new, country-wide moment that celebrates communities and what we have in common.” Some of that spirit of community was shown during the… Continue Reading “Promoting community education”

Building stronger communities

Something like 17 million people in the UK took an active part in the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations, according to the Together coalition, the organisation behind the Thank You Day campaign, who say their aim is “to build kinder, closer and more connected communities… Continue Reading “Building stronger communities”