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“Explosion” of anxiety levels in young people, says report

A recent report has found that anxiety among young people has trebled in the last 20 years. The lead researcher was Professor Nick Freemantle of UCL. The findings were published in September 2020 in the British Journal of Psychiatry. The report highlights a clear… Continue Reading ““Explosion” of anxiety levels in young people, says report”

Covid-19 and child trauma: What role should schools be playing?

Under the title ‘Every Mind Matters‘ the NHS has issued advice to parents on looking after a child or young person’s mental health. Imagine the scenarios: an elderly relative has Covid, or has died from Covid; grandparents are socially isolating and not available to… Continue Reading “Covid-19 and child trauma: What role should schools be playing?”

The benefits of plants

More evidence emerges of the health benefits of the Great Outdoors and of our growing love affair with plants. According to this report, a Royal Horticultural Society poll in Britain found that 71% of respondents feel that gardens and outdoor spaces have helped them… Continue Reading “The benefits of plants”

Public support for a focus on health and wellbeing

A YouGov survey indicates that 82% of the British people would prefer the government to prioritise health and wellbeing over economic growth during the current coronavirus emergency. It also suggests that 61% of people would choose improved social and environmental outcomes over economic growth… Continue Reading “Public support for a focus on health and wellbeing”

Benefits of outdoor learning

One of the effects of the coronavirus emergency might be to “push parents and teachers to embrace the benefits of education in the outdoors”, according to this newspaper report. It notes that the outdoor experience is already a part of Scotland’s ‘curriculum for excellence’.… Continue Reading “Benefits of outdoor learning”

Wellbeing Award for Schools

IImage of a child laughing

Here is a link to information about an excellent initiative, described by Philippa Stobbs, who is assistant director of the National Children’s Bureau, a UK charity that promotes children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. LBL proposes that emotional awareness, resilience and well-being should be… Continue Reading “Wellbeing Award for Schools”

Children’s Mental Health Week

IImage of a child laughing

It’s good to see children’s mental well-being high on the agenda this week as a result of Children’s Mental Health Week. Provided that they are not just token gestures — their message all but forgotten once the occasion is over — ‘themed’ days and… Continue Reading “Children’s Mental Health Week”

Five tips for creating a healthy school

The work of Fairfield Primary School in Cumbria around promoting health and wellbeing is really inspiring. Click here to read five useful tips to make your school more healthy, courtesy of the website. What’s also interesting is that the five tips correspond very… Continue Reading “Five tips for creating a healthy school”

Children’s happiness under threat?

The Good Childhood Report 2019, produced by The Children’s Society, makes for worrying reading. The Guardian’s headline reads thus: ‘Children in UK least happy they have been in a decade, says report’. A link to the document itself, an annual report on the state… Continue Reading “Children’s happiness under threat?”


Here’s a link to an excellent article in The Guardian on the importance of investing time and money in improving children’s mental well-being. One of the learning themes in Life Area 1 — Self — is The Mind.