Write Your Own Quiz

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Add your quiz to the site!

Did you enjoy trying out our quick quiz? How about writing your own? It’s easy. Just send us the information and we will upload it to the site.

You might want to base your quiz on statistics relevant to where you live or focus on one of MAC’s nine learning domains. It’s up to you.

The idea behind the quiz is to raise awareness of the challenges facing society.

Here’s what we need

  • 10 questions
  • 3 answers (one of which is the correct one)
  • each possible answer has to be either a number or a percentage
  • a link to a reputable website to back up each correct answer

Our Quick Quiz is based largely on British society. There is a question for each of the MAC learning domains. The final question is a general one. Your quiz might well be based on statistics relevant to your country, if you are not from Britain. That’s fine. In fact, that’s great: it helps to make the point that the challenges we face are not specific to any one country but are global in nature.

The nine MAC learning domains are:

If you have more questions in one domain, that’s fine, providing the total does not exceed ten questions.

Just email your 10 questions, answers and weblinks to lifebasedlearningforum@aol.com and we will do the rest.


If you enjoyed writing a quiz of your own, there are lots of other ways that you can get involved and help support life-based learning. Click for more details.