The Mind: Enquiry

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

What impact would it make on learning if children learned to learn the way the brain works?

Enquiry question

We invite classroom teachers, curriculum leaders, parents and other interested persons to give us feedback on our new life-based learning themes.

The Mind learning domain [outlined in the proposed MAC learning programme] identifies four study action areas to develop learning in children.

  1. Learning how to learn
  2. Looking after the brain
  3. Learning readiness
  4. Commitment to learning

Helping children to learn the way the brain learns is an important addition to the curriculum; it is an area not normally included in learning. MAC gives it equal focus along with the other eight learning domains in its curriculum framework.

There is a wealth of material about ‘brain-based learning’ available at the click of the mouse. But working the way the brain works is much more than just the introduction of one or two learning techniques. More research is needed, particularly into how we teach children how to learn. For example, how is it that some children can process several pieces of information and others are unable to? Can children’s limited ability to process several pieces of information be improved? How can this be done? And how can it be measured?

Footnote: There is considerably debate around the use of the words ‘mind’ and ‘brain’.

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