The Emotions: Enquiry

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

What impact would a focus on emotional development make on children’s learning and wellbeing if it were given the same status as all other curriculum areas?

We invite classroom teachers, curriculum leaders, parents and other interested persons to give us feedback on our new life-based learning themes.

The Emotions learning domain [outlined in the proposed MAC learning programme] identifies four study action areas to develop emotional resilience in children.

  1. Learning about emotions
  2. Developing self-awareness
  3. Learning self-regulation
  4. Promoting feelings of self-worth

MAC shines the spotlight of emotional development on the individual. Emotional development in children provides emotional resilience, characterised by emotional understanding, emotional self-control and emotional emotional self-worth.

Emotional resilience is the starting point for effective interactions with other people. MAC teaches children to understand that two people react very differently to the same experience depending on their emotional skill set. A key MAC feature is children learning in a secure emotional environment nurtured by a combination of the ethos of the school and the expertise of the individual teacher in providing a positive learning environment.

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