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The authors are keen to hear from people interested in contributing to the development of the life-based approach to learning.

We are at the start of a long journey. MAC, our outline of a life-based learning programme, is far from the finished article — a fully developed curriculum, supported by robust research.

Michael Mac

What are we aiming for?

Life-based learning represents a new way of thinking about children’s learning. It therefore offers exciting possibilities for teachers, academics and professional experts in their fields to contribute or undertake new research for the benefit of children.

We are interested, for example, in:

  • University education departments contributing research papers and engaging their students in thesis research
  • Case studies from teachers, curriculum leaders and organisations working at the forefront of pedagogical thinking and application
  • Professional organisations and individuals contributing in their field of expertise

What are the priority areas for research?

Life-based learning is a broad canvas. The research possibilities are endless. Priority questions include:

  • what could and should children be learning across the three areas of life?
  • what are the possibilities for involving the expertise of organisations and individuals drawn from all walks of life in children’s education?

We hope that you are as passionate for change as we are. Urgent action is needed to enable our young children to prepare themselves for the challenges of the modern world. Get in touch to talk.

Michael Mac

We will index contributions either by website link or by inclusion of documents on our website.

Please get in touch with us to discuss this further